YLP Committee

The Young Leaders Program Committee (YLPC) comprises ten positions. Each term is two (2) years and commences at the start of the biennial IDA World Congress.

IDA Announces New YLP Committee

IDA is pleased to announce the new YLP for the 2017-2019 term which assumed office at the end of the World Congress in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Mohamed Atta Aljaj, PhD Candidate, Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) – Qatar
  • Magda Armendariz, PhD Student, Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora – Mexico
  • Monica Boodhan, Physics Lecturer, University of Trinidad and Tobago and
    PhD Candidate, University of the West Indies – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Holly Churman, Lead Water/Wastewater Engineer, GHD – USA
  • Eduard Gasia Bruch, Chemical Engineer, Dow Water & Process Solutions – Spain
  • Rahul Hampaul, Senior Engineer, Indigenous and Northern Affairs – Canada
  • Naomi Jones, System Sales Engineer, H2O Innovation – USA
  • Nicholas Nelson, Head of Competence Centre Water Treatment, Omya International AG – Switzerland
  • Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Research Scientist, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) – Saudi Arabia
  • Kamakshi Sharma, Technology Development Engineer, QUA Group – USA
  • Michael Warady, Project Manager, aquaTECTURE – USA

Each Committee member plays a vital role in keeping YLP functions effective and beneficial for YLP members. They will organize and coordinate networking events, university outreach, educational tours, bulletins, mentor programs, webinars and communication with members, among other activities during their term.

In addition to Committee members, the YLP is fully supported by the IDA Board of Directors YLP Committee Chair, Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto and Co-Chair, Mr. Greg Wetterau. They act as a direct link to the IDA Board of Directors to provide assistance and guidance for the YLP.

We encourage members to remain active in IDA and the YLP as we need your energy, enthusiasm and dedication to further develop the program. If you have any ideas or wish to contribute your time to YLP functions, please contact ylp@idadesal.org.

There are 5 regional coordinators for

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Middle East/Africa
  • South America/Latin America/Caribbean
  • Asia/Pacific/Australia

and 5 special/technical program coordinators.

Regional Coordinator (5 positions)

  • Regional management of the YLP activities;
  • Regional promotion of IDA and the IDA YLP;
  • Planning and execution of educational tours and networking events in the respective region;
  • Answering questions form current and potential IDA YLP members in the respective region;
  • Participation in bi-monthly YLPC meetings and conference calls;
  • Presence at annual YLPC meetings and workshops

Special Technical/Program Coordinator (5 positions)

  • Planning and execution of special activities and programs such as:
    1. Networking activities around IDA events;
    2. Preparation of material for educational tours and other YLP events;
    3. Working with IDA office to update YLP website;
    4. Preparing minutes of meetings;
    5. Mentorship Program
    6. Promotion of IDA and YLP Membership
    7. Communications such as Bimonthly YLP Bulletin
  • Assisting Co-Leads to prepare and monitor YLP budget;
  • Assisting regional coordinators when possible for the planning and execution of educational tours;
  • Participation in bi-monthly YLPC meetings and conference calls;
  • Presence at annual YLPC meetings and workshops.

How to Become a Member

The nomination period starts between 130 and 140 days before the end of the term and closes fifty days after the nomination period begins. IDA YLP members can nominate themselves for any of the ten positions. Within ten days after the nomination period begins, a notice will be sent by IDA to the YLP members which notifies them of: (1) the election process and the schedule, (2) the procedure to nominate candidates and (3) the number of committee members.  The notification will also appear in the first newsletter published within the nomination period.  Candidates will need to provide a photo and bio for uploading to the website. Elections are held and voting by YLP members is done online by ballots posted on the IDA website. Chairperson(s) are selected by the YLPC from the regional and special/technical coordinators voted into the committee.

Terms and Conditions

  • Self nominated individuals must be continuous active IDA members for one year.
  • Committee members may serve for an unlimited number of terms until they reach the age of 35. Should a member pass the maximum age limit, that member shall remain on the board until the end of their two (2) year term.
  • YLPC members cannot occupy the same position for more than two consecutive terms. For example, if someone has been regional coordinator for two terms, this member can either apply for a position as a special program coordinator or for chairman but cannot renew for a third term under the same position.
  • In addition to the YLPC members, the committee shall also include Advisor(s) who will be a member or officer of the IDA Board of Directors, and an IDA Liaison who will be a staff member of the IDA. The latter two positions will be assigned by the IDA and its acting Board of Directors.