Mentorship Program

YLP’s Mentorship Program is aimed at helping young professionals and students excel in their careers by pairing an established industry leader with a YLP member. The program offers emerging professionals an invaluable opportunity to draw upon the technical and business knowledge and experience of his or her mentor. In turn, it presents the mentor with an opportunity to foster the next generation of leaders while further strengthening the desalination and water reuse industry by passing along their knowledge. Some of the mentor program activities may include the following:

  • Meeting at a conference or exhibition in the mentee’s region to discuss their career path and short/long term goals.
  • Tour of a facility. This could be a treatment plant or manufacturing facility where the mentee would learn more about the mentor’s specific line of work to obtain some first-hand knowledge on the subject matter.
  • Sponsoring a mentee to attend a conference/workshop/facility tour. This could be a local event or IDA/IDA affiliate conference that the mentee will be attending.
  • Assistance within an IDA committee. This could range from working on the technical committee at a conference to taking part in the publication committee, which generates technical and marketing content for IDA.
  • Phone call/email communication with directed questions or assignments to provide fruitful discussions and guidance on the mentee’s career path.

For questions or information on how to take part in this exciting program, please contact [email protected] or the YLP Mentorship Program Coordinators directly.