YLP Event in Singapore Draws Over 100 Students

Prof. Tony Fane presenting “Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater”.

More than 100 students attended the Young Leaders Program (YLP) event at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) during the 2012 Singapore International Water Week. The event is part of an initiative by the IDA-YLP that aims to communicate the importance of desalination to young professionals around the world. It was supported by the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC), and the National Water Agency of Singapore (PUB).
IDA’s YLP assists young professionals to establish career connections, obtain scholarships and awards, among other benefits.
The event opened with an introduction by Guillaume Clairet, former YLP Co-chair and current IDA board member, and Vice President of H2O Innovation. Mr. Clairet presented the audience with the benefits of being part of the desalination industry and more specifically, being part of a global network of professionals – the IDA. This was followed by an overview of the mission and activities of IDA as well as the objectives and benefits of the YLP Program. A short video on “Desalination Myths and Misconceptions” was screened.
Two engaging and insightful presentations were next, given by Lisa Henthorne, IDA Past President and Director and Chief Technology Advisor of Water Standard, and Professor Tony Fane, Director of Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) and a faculty member of the IDA Desalination Academy.
Ms. Henthorne’s presentation, “Market Trends and Opportunities in the Desalination Industry”, gave an overview of desalination and the relevance and applicability of both thermal and membrane-based desalination in today’s world. The evolution of desalination in recent decades, technological advancements, costs, and engineering aspects were discussed. Furthermore, the current trends in the market for desalination were reviewed, through which job opportunities within the desalination industry were evaluated.

IDA YLP Committee Members met in Singapore. Attending were (left to right): Erik Desormeaux, Wong Xin Wei, Juan Miguel Pinto, Assiyeh Tabatabai, Veronica Garcia Molina, Mike Dixon, Ryan Furukawa, Beatriz Garcia, and Alistair Munro (Chair of YLP Committee). (Missing from the photo is Richard White, who was unable to attend).

The program continued with Professor Fane’s presentation, titled “Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater,” in which he described exciting innovations for the desalination industry including an overview of the research activities of SMTC in water production, MBRs, water reclamation, energy aspects, and sensors & monitors. Each presenter discussed the importance of being part of the IDA’s Young Leaders Program and was a sterling role model for the next generation of desalters.
The talks were followed by a variety of local delicacies and refreshments and a guided tour of Singapore Membrane Technology Centre laboratory at Nanyang Technological University campus, where an overview of the individual research projects and facilities were provided to the participants.

In addition to the educational program, YLP activities in Singapore included the yearly face to face meeting of the YLP Committee and a workshop.