Awards, Scholarships and Benefits

IDA’s Young Leaders Program is the industry’s leading young professionals program, allowing emerging desalination leaders to connect, advance their careers, and promote interest in advanced water reuse around the world.

IDA is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 Channabasappa Memorial Scholarship. Through this program, IDA awards scholarship grants of up to $10,000 USD to one or more graduate students who have been accepted into a program of doctoral studies and who intend to pursue a desalination and water reuse related research thesis.The deadline for applications is January 31, 2019. The Scholarship Award will be announced within 60 days of the application deadline. For more information or to download an application, click here.

Awards and Scholarships

Enhancing your reputation through awards creates fantastic opportunities for young professionals and is an excellent way to be recognized for hard work, to raise your profile and help build your credibility. Consider some successful corporations (inside and outside of the desalination industry); they use awards and recognition in their field as a competitive edge. As a desalter, how are you any different?

The IDA provides two awards for young professionals.

Emerging Leaders Achievement Award in Desalination & Water Reuse

All members of the IDA Young Leaders Program are eligible to apply for this award. All required documentation should be sent to [email protected].

Best Paper Presented and Co-authored by a Member of the YLP

The YLP member must present and coauthor a paper at the IDA World Congress to be eligible for this award that will be presented at the Closing Ceremony and Awards Presentation. The YLP Best Paper Award is one of five Best Paper Awards that will be presented during the World Congress to individuals, corporations or other entities who have contributed to the desalination and water reuse community.

If you or a co-author meets these eligibility criteria and wish to be considered, please let us know. Confirm today by contacting [email protected]. Please reference your presentation ID number and title of the paper when corresponding.

How to qualify

If you’re a volunteer on a technical committee, either local or international, we encourage you to apply for the Emerging Leader category as this will add to your application. Perhaps you’ve been really committed to deliver a recent project and made sacrifices to achieve success, don’t underestimate what you’ve contributed and achieved. You will qualify. You may nominate yourself or someone else.

What you need to do

Register your intention to submit an application with the IDA through [email protected]. When producing your application for the Emerging Leader category ensure you clearly address the criteria provided. Build your application around the criteria and address each with specific examples from your experiences. Make it as clear as possible which criteria you’re addressing as this makes it easier for the judges to score your application. Also ensure you have your application reviewed by another person, your manager can be a great person to do this as when you look good – they look good.

The Emerging Leader award requires references so take time to think carefully about people you’ve worked who are respected in the industry. This could be a leader in your organisation who knows the quality of your work or someone external who has been a contact during your work. More often than not people will be obliging to help.

Good luck!

Benefits Include:

Educational Tours • including presentations and seminars delivered by regional IDA members, industry leaders and regional members of the YLP to introduce students and young professionals to the world of desalination

Best Paper Award • the best paper presented by a member of the Young Leaders Program during the biennial IDA World Congress

Promotion of Scholarship Program • including the prestigious IDA Channabasappa Memorial Scholarship

Site Visits • to premier desalination and reuse plants worldwide

Mentor Program • respected established desalination professionals volunteer to provide guidance and training to young professionals

Resourcing • by creating an on-line bank of qualified young desalination professionals

Networking • providing opportunities for young desalination professionals to connect through events and other communication platforms